Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the results of our recent grading. 

The students below have all worked incredibly hard and have successfully achieved their next level of belt.

Mohamed Adem                    Green

Lyla Allcock                            Red

Tulah Allcock                          Red

Honei Allcock                          Red

Rayan Aly                               Red

N'Rai Andrew O'Connor         Red

Samuel Athow-Frost               Red

Arthur Austin                           Red

Eddie Austin                            Red

Leo Baran                               Orange

Kady Barnard                          Red

Aidan Bennett Bandeh            Red

Ashton Blackwood                  Blue

Emily Blackwood                     Blue

Codey Chilton                         Purple

Denis Daja                              Green

Marissa Daja                           Brown

Jayce Daws                            Red

Esraa Dziri                              Red

Aseel Dziri                               Red

Oliver Fletcher                        Red

Edith Gilmour                          Red

Marianne Grech                      Red

Amari Hamilton                       Purple

Amelie Heyday                        Red

Zoe Hill                                    Blue/Purple

Daniel Hill                                Blue/Purple

Bailey Howarth                        Red

Brody Howells                         Red

Ella-Louise Hudson                Purple

Lachlan Hunt                           Red

Saif Iqbal                                 Red

Johl Jackson                           Blue/Purple

Owen Johns                            Red

Emari Johnson                        Red

Melania Johnson                     Red

Michael Jones                         Blue

Mack Jordan                           Purple

Noah Joyce                             Red

Martha Joyce                          Red

Emily Lawlor                           Purple

Kyle Loveridge                        Orange

Nicolas Marin                          Red

Alexandru Marin                     Red

Simona Marin                          Red

Sam Martell                             Brown

Ryan Martell                            Brown

Lewis Mee                               Red

Erin Murphy                            Red

Ethan Park                              Red

Alfred Peace                           Red

Elliot Plumb                             Red

Cruz Richardson                     Red

Alexiah Rigley                         Red

Luca Roberts                          Red

Thomas Rothery                     Red

Charlotte Shaw                       Red

Finley Shaw                            Red

Destiny Simpson                     Orange

Lucy Stirland                           Red

Samuel Sugrue                       Red

Leo Vincent                             Orange

Amber Vincent                        Red

Alfie Wardle                            Red

Abigail White                           Brown

Jacob Wilde                            Red

Alexandra Williams                 Brown

Ethan Wishart                         Green

Milo Wragg                              Green

Congratulations to you all!!

The Advantage Team