Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the results of our recent grading.

The students below have all worked incredibly hard and have successfully achieved their next level of belt.

Bailey Abbott                          Red

Mohammed Adem                 Blue

N’Rai Andrew O’Connor         Yellow

Olly Archer-Walker                 Red

Edward Ashmore                    Red

Leo Baran                                Green

Kaiden Betts                           Red

Eva Buckingham                     Red

Mya Buckingham                    Red

Zachery Campbell                   Red

Amanda Campbell                  Red/Yellow

Haydn Caruana                       Red

Rowan Caulton                       Red

Kayden Chantrey                    Red

Joey Cook                               Red

Sean Davidson                        Red

Harrison Davies                      Red

Esraa Dziri                               Yellow

Aseel Dziri                               Yellow

Noah Edwards                         Blue/Purple

Maleek Edwards                     Red

Fletcher Evans                         Red

Aidan Fiaz                               Red

Oliver Fletcher                         Yellow

Ken France                              Red

Terri-ann France                     Red

Logan France                          Red

Edith Gilmour                         Yellow

Amelia Gooding                      Red

Theodore Grech                     Red

Rose Grech                             Red

Marianne Grech                     Yellow

Maximilian Grzedzicki             Red

Tammy Haines                         Red

Max Hanbury                          Red

Amelie Hayday                       Yellow

Dylan Hickling                         Red

Amelia Holmes                       Red

Bailey Howarth                       Yellow

Lachlan Hunt                          Yellow

Isabella James                         Red

Emelie James                          Red

Christian Jeffery                      Red

Owen Johns                            Yellow

Francesca Johnson                 Brown

Noah Joyce                              Yellow

Martha Joyce                          Yellow

Angel Kaur                              Red

Xavier Keeton                         Red

Charlie Kershaw                      Red

Ernest Kil                                 Orange

Carter Lamb                            Red

Arvi Landa                               Red

Molly Leech                             Red

Lloyd Lunt                               Red

Ryan Enzo Marimbire             Red

Kai Mcevoy                             Red

Bryce Moore                           Red

Scarlett Moore                       Red

Aaron Moore                          Red

Ellie-Mae Neville                    Yellow

Damien Newham                    Blue

Elijah Owoeye                         Red

Daniel Owoeye                       Red

Elliot Plumb                            Yellow

Taylor-Grace Pugh                  Red

Nesta Raynor                          Orange

Cruz Richardson                     Yellow

Alexiah Rigley                         Yellow

Leighton Roome                     Red

Amelia Saxton                         Red

Peter Scott                              Yellow

Marcus Sharp                         Red

Destiny Simpson                     Green

Ryleigh Smallwood                  Red

Lucy Stirland                           Yellow

Samuel Sugrue                         Yellow

Christian Tinarwo                   Red

Franchesca Traynor                Red

Gheorge Tudor                       Red

Marcus Jacob Vagner             Red

Leo Vincent                             Green

Amber Vincent                       Yellow

Clay Walker                             Red

Drew Walker                           Red

Lile Walker Graham                Red

Congratulations to you all!!

The Advantage Team