Hi Guys,

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bilborough grading. Everyone worked hard and gave a fantastic account of themselves and we are pleased to say that everyone has passed and attained the next level belt as below:

Tyreece Roach-Bell                Brown

Poppy Hughes                        Brown

Aliya Harby                             Brown

Nevaeh Richmond                  Brown

Joshua Sharman                    Brown

Nathan Britten                       Brown

Storm Godwin                        Brown

Kyren Kenton                          Brown

Mya Richmond                       Brown

Abigail Bolstridge                   Brown

Charlie Barker                         Brown

Vinoth Asirvadam                  Blue Purple

Graham Lilley                          Blue/Purple

Blake Gee                                Blue/Purple

Grayson Godwin                     Blue

Joshua White                          Blue

Emily Lawlor                           Blue

Falen Jackson                         Green/Blue

Gabriele Strikaityte                Green/Blue

Zoe Hill                                    Green

Daniel Hill                               Green

Amari Hamilton                      Green

Jude Alvares                           Orange/Green

Michael Jones                         Orange/Green

Joshua Spencer                       Orange/Green

Cody Chilton                           Orange/Green

Adam Tunnicliffe-Barber        Yellow/Orange

Isla Sharman                           Yellow/Orange

Nesta Raynor                          Yellow

Nick Romaniw                        Red/Yellow

Jessica Cameron                     Red/Yellow

Sebastian Romaniw                Red/Yellow

Sophie Cameron                     Red/Yellow

Jude Dimech                           Red/Yellow

Zach Price                                Red/Yellow


Your belts and certificates will be with you in class very soon.

Well done to everyone!! 😃

Advantage Martial Arts Academy