Hi Guys,

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in our first class grading since lockdown. Everyone worked hard and gave a fantastic account of themselves and we are pleased to say that everyone has passed and attained the next level belt as below:

Alfie Armstrong                           Brown
Richard Newton                          Purple and Brown
Matthew Johnson                       Purple and Brown
Eshan Khan                                  Purple
Gary Willacey                               Purple
Archie Macphail                           Purple
Rhys Allsebrook                          Blue and Purple
Paris Lowe                                   Blue and Purple
Archie McGrane                          Blue
Phoebe Woodhouse-James      Green and Blue
Abigail White                               Green and Blue
Zev Barr-Lieper                           Green and Blue
Eviie Jordan                                 Green and Blue
Aadam Khan                               Green
Sam Martell                                 Orange and Green
Ryan Martell                                Orange and Green
Jada Burnett                                Orange and Green
Aidan La Mola                             Orange and Green
Raees Abdul                                Orange and Green
Terri Richardson                        Orange and Green
Johl Jackson                                Orange and Green
Justine Everitt                             Yellow and Orange
Sarah Green                               Yellow and Orange
Stanley Green                            Yellow and Orange
Betsy Green                               Yellow and Orange
Milo Wragg                                 Yellow and Orange
Rosalie Wragg                            Yellow and Orange
Georgia Willacey                         Red and Yellow
Lexii Liddell                                 Red and Yellow
Ethan Adjei                                  Red and Yellow
Emir Ukperaj                               Red
Mohamed Adem                        Red


Your belts and certificates will be with you in class very soon.

Well done to everyone!! 😃

Advantage Martial Arts Academy